How to make your construction site safer

Updated: May 23, 2020

Amid Covid-19 pandemic there is a deflation in the construction industry. still we could do better to survive in the industry and to improve our economy. Here are few suggestions to make our construction site safer as well as workers safety. few unusual practices in the site makes us possible to work safe.

  • Reduce access to site

  • Adapt work plan and activities to reduce close contact

  • Increase overall level of hygiene of the site

  • Prioritize health and safety of staff, workers and their surrounding communities

  • Increase awareness of the workforce

Safety measures and notifications are to be displayed in the construction site so as to ensure all the staffs aware of the situation.

All the staffs should be given personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with construction safety

Make a proper work plan to lessen the workforce

sanitizers should be used when each person entering the site

Material supply contractors are to be instructed to deliver in non working hours

No site visit's should be permitted unless wearing a PPE

Maintain social distancing for at least one metre, avoid touching others.

Every worker should be provided with a basic set of tools needed for the tasks they are assigned to. Using of the same tool by multiple workers should be avoided. If tools are shared or stored for later use by another person, they need to be disinfected/cleaned.

Working dresses are to be washed everyday compulsorily

Workers are frequently temperature checked and plan to engage workers coming from the close proximity of the facility been built

Avoid involving labour from farther away towns or villages

Jack infrastructures wish you all a safer environment to work with.

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