Bond Breaker and its application procedure


The bond breaker is a fluid substance RS-1 (Rapid Setting Bituminous) which creates an elastic 'bridge' that can stretch as pavement flex and move. They are also used over movement joints.


1. Rapid setting bituminous emulsion (RS -1) prime coat mostly consider the material for applying on the pavement

2.RS-1 should apply a minimum of 1 liter per square meter

3.RS-1 should apply a minimum of 10 hours before laying top course

4. As soon as RS-1 prime coat starts settling, a layer of crushed sand 8 to 12 kg/m2 shall be spread and rolled over with pneumatic tire roller till no further bleeding of emulsion occur

5. The bond breaker layer shall be made moist by a light sprinkling of water before the pavement course.

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